While the concept of “going public” holds a special allure in both the business world and popular culture, the process of actually planning for and completing a successful initial public offering is not well understood by those who have not been through it. Many entrepreneurs aspire to an IPO someday, but may have little understanding of what it takes to make their companies IPO-ready—let alone the insight needed to make critical judgment calls at every stage of the arduous 12–18 month IPO journey. But in today’s tumultuous financial and regulatory landscape, it is more vital than ever for management teams to prepare, plan and stay tightly organized in order to increase their chances of IPO success.

Initial Public Offerings: A Practical Guide to Going Public is the ultimate roadmap to the IPO process. Hailed by executives, entrepreneurs, general counsel, investment bankers and venture capitalists alike as the definitive IPO guide, this comprehensive resource charts every twist and turn on the IPO journey and provides battle-tested, real-world advice on how to navigate the roadblocks to reach your destination—a winning IPO. Initial Public Offerings: A Practical Guide to Going Public is packed with case studies, checklists, best practices, empirical data and sample documents, allowing you to access in an instant the essential information that other companies and their advisors often spend the entire IPO process working to amass.

Above all, this book is a practical, readable resource for C-level officers, board members and company counsel. Unlike other IPO guides, which are too often weighed down with dense citations and securities law esoterica, Initial Public Offerings: A Practical Guide to Going Public demystifies what may seem an impenetrable process, seasoning its clear explanations of IPO mechanics with straightforward, action-oriented insights. Whether you’re preparing for the rigors of due diligence, facing the challenge of drafting the Form S-1 or still trying to decide whether an IPO is the right path for your company, this book will help you frame smart questions and make better decisions every step of the way.